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All the Places in the Bible

An A-Z Guide to the Countries, Cities, Villagesand Other Places in Scripture

ISBN 978-1-4836-2827-1 (Hardcover)  $34.99

ISBN 978-1-4836-2826-4 (Paperback)  $23.99

ISBN 978-1-4836-2828-8 (Digital)          $ 3.99

A companion to All the People in the Bible.

Available at, and

To read an excerpt, click here.

All the People in the Bible
An A-Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture
ISBN 978-0-8028-2454-7

"Richard Losch has written much more than just 'another bool.' What he has given us is really a commentary on the Bible, seen through the unique focus of the human players in the biblical story. His comprehensive work is meticulously researched, accurately presented, and fascinatingly written. All pastors should add this impressive volume to those books they keep in reach — it will be in constant use."
Stetson University
The Uttermost Part of the Earth
A Guide to Places in the Bible


ISBN 0-8028-2805-1


(Currently out-of-print)


The Many Faces of Faith
A Guide to World Religions and Christian Traditions


ISBN 0-8028-0521-3


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