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Some of My Favorite Links

Saint James' Episcopal Church, Livingston, Alabama - Where I was rector for 10 ccs years​
The Episcopal Diocese of Alabama - Our Diocesan Homepage​
Anglicans Online - News from the worldwide Anglican Communion​
The Washington Cathedral - Information about our National Cathedral​
Churches dot Net - Church home pages from all over the world​
Famous Ceilings of the Vatican City (Thanks, Hailey!)


Livingston Lodge #41, F.&A.M. - the Livingston Lodge of Freemasons​
The Grand Lodge F.&A.M. of Alabama
Masonry - Interesting things about Freemasonry​

American Mensa, Ltd. - The High IQ Society​
Political Observations - Easily offended liberals should not go here!
The Home Page of Livingston, Alabama - "Home is where the heart is..."​
The University of West Alabama​​
WebSiteGarage - A free service that will help you tune up your web site​
Whatis - Look up the meaning of an incredible number of phrases and terms, particularly regarding computers​
The Ultimate Christmas Site - Fascinating seasonal fun
Painting of Famous People with links to each
The Sistine Chapel - a beautiful panoramic view (hold left click and move your mouse)
Basilica of Saint John Lateran - a beautiful panoramic view (hold left click and move your mouse)​
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