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Beatitudo est catellus calidus!

Hi! My name is Morris, and I let a human share my house with me. My human wanted to name me Philotes after the Greek god of affection, but I let him know at the pound that I’d rather not be adopted than go through life with a name like that. Then he said I should be called Icarus because my ears look like wings, but he gave up on that idea when I threatened to bite him. We finally settled on my animal shelter name, Morris. In case you haven't already noticed, I am a  dog. Some people may wonder why a dog has a Web page. Well, I figure if the Presidents' dogs can have one, why shouldn't I?

My human is Father Rick Losch. I have trained him pretty well, but he still occasionally begins to think he is in charge. When that happens I can usually find some way to enlighten him. He is my best pal, though, so I try to be gentle. I'm like a politician—capable of absorbing infinite amounts of attention—and he gives me a lot, so I don't push too hard.

My favorite activity is riding in the car. I like that even more than going for walks and digging holes in the yard. I like cats, and most of them seem to like me, but when they run away I have a dog's duty to chase them. Some cats get uppity and hiss, and they need to learn their place. . . but I've learned not to mess with them. The ends of their paws are sharp! I also love riding on my human’s golf cart. He says that I sit there in the passenger seat like the king of the road. Well?


This is my cousin Silly Cat, hurrying to finish up her desk work so that she won't be late for her nap. I guess you could call her my cousin—her human is my human's brother, John. Silly Cat was feral and living under the barn with her two kittens, but it didn't take her long to learn that the food is better in the house, and it's warm and dry there. She was afraid of me at first, but we're good friends now.


Here some other cousins that I really love. They are my human's grand-nephews and grand-niece. The one on the left is Marrek Losch Panzarino, Lala’s (Elizabeth’s) son. He lives in Massachusetts with Lala and his step-dad Alberto Aurilio. He's a very talented artist, and goes to college at UMass Lowell. Beside him are Marrek's half-siblings, Giuseppe, Lydia and Giancarlo Aurilio. On the right is William Antonio Ribeiro Losch, Paul's son. He was born in Brazil, and now lives in Florida where his father is a librarian at the University of Florida. He plays a mean trumpet and bass, and is in a popular rock band as well. He'll start college in the fall. My human thinks they are all beautiful, but I just think they're fun (especially when they drop food, which they do a lot).

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